About Cyphotech

Since 2019, Cyphotech has been a top provider of trustworthy, affordable IT solutions for companies in North America. Our integrated technology offers you special solutions that are tailored to satisfy the particular needs of your company.

Why Choose Cyphotech

Proactive attitude and prompt response to allow you to continue working

Our clients regularly praise us for our quick service response and resolution. Many problems are fixed thanks to our sophisticated Monitoring and Management software before they have an impact on the network of one of our clients. Most issues can be fixed remotely over the Internet if we need to provide service. There are several ways to get in touch with our HelpDesk. If you’d rather communicate over the phone, 93% of calls are answered in real time within 60 seconds.

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Nothing is more annoying when dealing with IT problems than when issues or questions are “lingered”; either fully resolved or not at all. Our goal at Cyphotech  is to tackle problems and inquiries head-on until they are fixed or answered. With no nonsense or avoidance, we’ll conduct the necessary research to find you a solution or answer if we don’t have it right away.



Most people find the IT world to be mysterious and intimidating. By educating our clients and potential clients about new technologies and options, we try to demystify that world and empower them to make wise IT investment decisions. Meetings, training sessions, and newsletters are used to deliver that education.

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Are you confident they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need when you’re thinking about an outsourced IT support company? Will there be any unforeseen costs? Will they finish the job on schedule? Will they look out for my interests? Will they honor their commitments?

You should definitely give these questions some thought before hiring outside IT support. After all, you will be entrusting them with managing and protecting your most important and confidential data.

How does Cyphotech win our client’s trust?